Welcome to Aegisto.com
?AEGISTO.COM is an India based online shopping website which offers array of Hand made products like Hand-looms, Jewelry, Handicrafts, Gifts as well as daily use products at amazingly low prices. All the products on AEGISTO.COM are brand new and 100% genuine.

Who we are?
Truly speaking, we are not manufacturers, experts and professional artists. We are the people among you having passion to help the society and enhance the identity of our country in the world like you. We have strong professional network, assurance of quality and durability to maintain the interest of customers and passion to introduce the world about hidden or lost skills of India.

What is the AIM?
We aim to create a great “Diversified Lifestyle Experience” for our esteemed customers and to preserve our culture, traditions and values. We strives to make your buying experience simple and straightforward by offering intelligent product and choices at competitive prices with the support you demand.

What got us started?
India is known for its diversity in nature as well as in Lifestyle which reflects in Food, Clothing, Jewelry, Language, Music, etc. The passion of adaptation of diversified lifestyle bringing people to online marketplace and to get all their needs from one place without searching the globe.

We realized that our country is definitely full of experts, highly skilled artists, craftsmen, craftswomen and they are creating exotic items with love for their livelihood but millions of people of our country not aware with their creativeness and not get appreciation for their hard work and love. Small artist and manufacturers not getting opportunities to show their skill to whole world. Their skills remained confined to their same place which is loosing its glory day by day.

Therefore, Aegisto.com taken small initiation to revive the lost art, culture, tradition and to introduce the artistic skills of India in the world and discovered “Unique Indian Products”.

It is an attempt to enhance the financial power of unrecognized people through promotion of their wide range of beautiful handicrafts, jewelry, apparels, etc which are loved in India and admired around the world in every location because of its beauty, astonishing fine work using several materials including wood, marble, glass, paper, metal, lac and others. It will not only help the artists but also help the customers to understand the culture, traditions and values and buy products which they otherwise are not able to get at their place at reasonable prices. It is also an attempt to revive old India.

In view to restore the interest of customers at Aegisto, we have also included modern products for comparison & appreciation from handmade products designed by exceptional artists from India. Each piece of all items on Aegisto.com comes with the assurance of quality and durability.



• One-Source purchasing for Hand made products at amazingly low prices.

• Unparalleled selection of hard-to-find products.

• Door Step Delivery of all products all over India.

• Avail huge discounts and free gifts with selected products.

• Safe & easy shopping experience at AEGISTO.COM.

Shop Online 24 Hours a day at AEGISTO.COM and please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any feedback, questions, concerns or suggestions at info@aegisto.com